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ReadingA Student of African WildlifeIntroduction to Jane Goodall简· 古多尔(Jane Goodall, 1934—)生于伦敦。自幼即对动物行为极感兴趣。18岁离开学校,赴非洲,与人合作于1960年在贡贝溪动物保护区设立一个营区,观察该地黑猩猩的行为。1965年获剑桥大学生态学中动物行为学博士学位。1977年建立了“简· 古多尔人、动物与环境研究所”。Introduction to Jane Goodall1991年,她倡议并成立了“根与芽”组织,目的是使从幼儿园到大学的年轻一代都能够行动起来,为了环境、动物和他们自己的社区创造一个更加美好的世界。1995年,被英国女王授予勋爵士。简· 古多尔撰有许多书籍和论文,最著名的是《生活在人类的阴影中》(1971), 此著作已被翻译成15种文字。After a glance at the title and pictures, what do you think the passage is about?Skimming1. Who is the student? Jane Goodall. 2. What animal are observed? Chimps. 3. Where did Jane Goodall study chimps? She studies chimps at Gombe National Park in East Africa.A Student of African WildlifeThe main idea of Para1①How the group studied chimps in the wild\orestThe first paragraphRead Para 1 to answer the question:What did the group see in the whole day?The first paragraphThe whole dayWatching a family of chimps wake up.We follow as they wander into the forest.The mother chimp and her babies play in the tree.Go to sleep together in their nest for the night.A Student of African WildlifeThe main idea of Para2②What Jane discovered about chimpsThe second paragraphRead Para 2 to answer the question:What three things did Jane observe or discover about chimps?The second paragraphThe first thing She discovered that chimps hunt and eat meatThe second She observed chimps as a group hunting a monkey thing and then eating it She also discovered how The third chimps communicate with thing each otherA Student of African WildlifeThe main idea of Para3③What Jane is doing now to help chimpsTrue or false The third paragraphShe hopes that chimps can be left in theforest.She supposes that people should not usechimps for entertainment. She has spent more than forty years helping people understand her work.She has built many special places for the wild animals to live in.A Student of African WildlifeThe main idea of Para4④Jane’s achievementsThe fourth paragraphThe achievement of Jane:Working with animals in their own environment. Gaining a doctor’s degree for her studies. Showing that women can live in the forest as men can.A Student of African Wildlife① ② ③ What Jane is doing now to help chimpsHow the group studied chimps in the wild\orestWhat Jane discovered about chimps④Jane’s achievementsGeneral idea:The passage is mainly about how JaneGoodall worked with chimps in their environment _________

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