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雅思写作范文 Some people believe that the best way to improve public health is by increasing the number of sports facilities.Others think that this has little effect and other measures are required.Discuss both views and give your opinion.考题分析:本题是政府政策类话题和健康类话题的结合。考题虽新,但政府类话题和健康类话题话题却是经常出现的。考到政府政策类的话题,有一个思路总是可以通用的,那就是:政府可以通过教育来提升人们对于.的认识(这比花大笔资金建设某某工程要来的更实惠和有效。下面是该题目的高分范文,其中就有对该思路的体现,值得借鉴。Sample Answer(359 words)The construction of new sports facilities are definitely needed in an environment where people's health is in a declining state.However,there are those who believe that the way to improving people's health should lie in other measures that governments have to come up with to get people to live healthily.In many countries around the world,sports facilities are diminishing at an alarming rate,with existing ones being threatened with closure or face redevelopment in favor of housing and commercial development.The lack of sports facilities has directly led to a sharp decline in the general public’s involvement in sports activities,which is the major culprit for ill health and excessive weight nowadays.If a wider range of sports and fitness facilities(swimming pools,basketball court and gymnasiums etc.)were available,then people would be willing to spend time in these facilities to train their bodies and to improve their fitness,instead of living a sedentary life at home watching television,playing video games or using computers.However,the building of such facilities may become a waste of time and taxpayers’money if they are built far away from where people live or if they are too expensive to use.There are scenes of empty sports grounds in many cities because it takes too much trouble to get there,and many sports clubs are receiving fewer guests because they charge unreasonably high membership fees.In these cases,the government should be spending on advertising healthier life style instead of just wasting money on facilities that are not going to be actively used by the people.For example,it is important for people to know that little things like jogging or taking the stairs provide as many benefits as using exercising equipment in a sports club.以上便是为您提供的关于雅思知识的辅导资料,希望会对您有用。想浏览更多相关内容,请点击:留学考试雅思复习交流雅思阅读雅思口语雅思听力雅思机经www.07swz.com防采集请勿采集本网。


写作题目 Some people think that young people should follow traditions of their society,and others think that young people should be free to behave as individuals. Discuss both views


It is true that new technologies have had an influence on communication between people.Technology has affected relationships in various ways,and in my opinion there are both

出国英语考试有哪些 雅思6.5是什么水平 雅思阅读评分标准 托福阅读评分标准 雅思和托福的区别 在备考雅思写作中,参考雅思写作范文是可以帮助考生拓展写作思路的,今天为大家整理的雅思写作范文:广告能否促进购物,供考生们参考,如果在写作中遇到类似的写作题目,就可以进行灵活运用了。 Some people believe commodities that are popular among consumers reflect the power of advertisement rather than the real needs of people. Do you agree or disagree? Whether we like it or not, advertisement has been pouring into our daily life. They are so powerful that some people believe that it is not the needs of people but the power advertisement that makes commodities popular. Personally I don't agree with this opinion. First, let's make clear what the real needs of people are. Real needs can be divided into two categories: the material satisfaction and spiritual satisfaction. People tend to regard material satisfaction as real needs and spiritual satisfaction as waste of money and time. This is not true. Some commodities may not be useful but they can give the owner a kind of satisfaction. Second, let's make clear the reason why advertisement is powerful. The key principle of advertisers is to grasp the needs of consumers, then pass the potential consumers the information that their commodities can meet your need. Advertisers can promote the needs of people, exploit the needs or even produce the needs of people. But whatever they do, it will be based on the needs of people. But there are some advertisements that exaggerate the functions of the commodities to tell the wrong information to consumers. They make the commodities popular by cheating the majority of consumers. And also there are some commodities that do harm to the health of consumers and to the society. For example, smoking is poisonous, but the advertisements try to make a heroic image of the smokers, as the result smoking is popular among young men who are dreaming to become heroes in women's eyes. But such advertisements are minorities. In summary, advertisements bring us convenience to choose the commodities that can meet our needs. Most of the commodities are popular due to their usefulness, only some of them are due to the influence of advertisement. 以上就是这篇关于广告能否影响人们并促进购物的雅思写作范文,可以看出这篇雅思写作经典范文采用的是分总文章结构,同时长短句的搭配是值得借鉴的,同时一些小词组和词汇都用的很灵活和有深度。 智课教育国际教育集团提供专业的雅思培训、托福培训、GRE培训、SAT培训、剑桥青少英语培训等,为广大学子“开启英语成功之道”

To what extent do you think societies benefit from the contact and closer relationship with foreigners brought about by international business and tourism?雅思写作参考范文: The

Nowadays,there are lots of advertisements on television,radio or the Internet that children can see and have caused considerable harm to children’s healthy and lives.I strongly agree with those advertisements can causes negative effects on children and should be banned.It is evident that children still do not have enough experiences and abilities to identify what they are really need.Take instance,in my country,many advertising companies produce advertisements with famous sports stars and popular actors or singers.Children buy goods were affected by their favorite stars’advertises,although they do not really need the products.Therefore,the vast majority of the snack foods that kids see advertised on the TV today are for products that nutritionists would tell us they need to be eating less of,not of,if we are going to get a handle on childhood obesity.In terms of healthy diet for children,their parents need to develop a healthy eating habit for their children.Instead children were impacted by the fast foods’advertisings.Lastly,an even significant factor that should be taking into account is those advertising companies’advertisements are increasing the gap between the rich families and poor families.Children from the poor households may hurt their emotions,lead to an inferiority complex because their parents are not particularly well-off to buy expensive toys or clothes for their children.On the other hand,those advertisements are very difficult to be prohibited.For TV stations or web sites,broadcast advertisements on their programs means earn money.Although in some countries,the governments restrict advertisings which are aimed to children in specific period time.Whereas advertisers in order to achieve their own goals can through other ways to advertising,such like advertising in supermarket or shopping malls.To put it in a nutshell,I insist on saying that the governments should ban huge number of advertisements are aimed at children.Especially in the sensitive areas of businesses,such like toys and fast food industries内容来自www.07swz.com请勿采集。

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