初中英语外研版九年级下册Module5 Look after yourself 单元练习

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初中英语外研版九年级下册Module5 Look after yourself 单元练习

Module 1 Travel Unit 1 We toured the city by bus and by taxi Unit 2 It’s a long story. Unit 3 Language in use Module 2 Education Unit 1 I hope we can have a match with them Unit 2

一、听力(听力)(共20小题;共20分) 听力理解(20分)

外研社九年级英语下册单词表 Module 1 flight[fla?t]n.航班;飞行 because of 因为;由于 direct[d??rekt]adv.径直地;直接地 pilot[?pa?l?t]n.飞行员 succeed[s?k?si:d]v.成功;做成 as

一、情景反应。根据你所听到的句子,选择正确的应答语。(共5分,每小题1分) 1. A.


Yes, please. B.

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Here you are. C.


In the library. 2. A.

It doesn't matter. B.

It's cold. C.

Good idea. 3. A.

Friendly. B.

Sunny. C.

Delicious. 4. A.

Sounds boring. B.

I don't like it. C.

I agree. 5. A.

She is my aunt. B.

She is quiet. C.

She is a nurse. 二、对话理解。根据你所听到的对话及问题选择正确答案。(共10分,每小题1分) 6. Is Mike tall or short? A.

He's tall. B.

He's short. C.

He is of medium height. 7. How was Lucy's weekend? A.

Boring. B.

Great. C.

Terrible. 8. What's Steve's favorite sport? A.

Soccer. B.

Basketball. C.

Ping-pong. 9. Why can't Gina go to the party? A.

Because she has to look after her sister. B.

Because she has too much homework to do. C.

Because she has to meet her uncle at the airport. 10. How old is Amy's sister? A.

Three. B.

Eleven. C.

Fourteen. 听下面一段长对话,回答11-12两个小题。 11. Where's the bank? A.

Behind the park. B.

Across from the park. C.

Next to the park. 12. Is Center Street far from here? A.

No, it isn't. B.

Yes, it is. C.

I don't know. 听下面一段长对话,回答13-15三个小题。 13. What will they do on Saturday evening? A.

Go to the park. B.

Go to the shop. C.

Go to the concert. 14. How many tickets do they have? A.

One. B.

Two. C.

Three. 15. When will they meet? A.

5:00. B.

6:00. C.

7:00. 三、短文理解。根据你所听到的短文内容及问题选择正确答案。(共5分,每小题1分) 16. What color was the dog? A.

White. B.

Black. C.

Brown. 17. What was wrong with the dog? A.

She was ill. B.

She was hungry. C.

Her leg was broken. 18. How did they bring the dog to the doctor for animals? A.

By car. B.

On foot. C.

By bus. 19. What did Bill do to find the owner? A.

He put up signs in his neighborhood. B.

He called the Animal Helper Center. C.

He showed the picture of the dog on the Internet. 20. What was the name of the baby dog? A.

Coco. B.

Lucky. C.


二、单项选择(共10小题;共10分) 21. My daughter ? for me until I came back last night. A.

didn't wait B.

waited C.

is waiting D.

waits 22. Look! The workers ? a bridge over the river. A.

build B.

built C.

will build D.

are building 23. My sister ? art when she grows up because she wants to be an artist. A.

studies B.

is going to study C.

studied D.

studying 24. --- Long time no see! I think you ? a lot. --- Yes. I used to be quiet, but now I'm outgoing. A.

will change B.

were changing C.

are changed D.

have changed 25. --- What were you doing when we were playing basketball yesterday afternoon? --- I ? the classroom. A.

was cleaning B.

have cleaned C.

will clean D.

clean 26. Jimmy ? an engineer when he ? up. A.

is; grows B.

is; is going to grow C.

is going to be; grows D.

is going to be; is going to grow 27. --- What did your dad tell you, my baby? --- He said the sun ? in the east. A.

went up B.

will go up C.

goes up 28. She ? for London next Monday. A.

leaves B.

is leaving C.

leave D.

left 29. --- Is Tom at home? --- No, he ? to the town. A.

has been B.

has gone C.

goes D.

will go 30. What ? you ? when the captain came in? A.

are; doing B.

did; do C.

were; doing

三、单词拼写(单句首字母填空)(共5小题;共5分) 31. The two sides failed to reach an a ?. 32. I e ? that I can spend my winter holiday in Hawaii. 33. I r ? two children to help me. 34. After putting most of his e ? into table tennis training, Ma Lin won the gold medal of Men's Singles at the Beijing Olympic Games. 35. The pollution causes great damage to our health and does h ? to plants and animals.

四、单词拼写(根据中文提示拼写单词)(共5小题;共5分) 36. Our parents all ?(期待) we'll have a bright future. 37. Never shout at your parents even if you are not in ?(意见一致). 38. You should put your ?(努力) into your study. 39. The earth is our home. Everyone of us shouldn't do ?(伤害) to the environment. 40. He always keeps on doing ?(身体的) exercises in the park.

五、适当形式填空(单句适当形式)(共10小题;共10分) 41. In order to watch the news on TV, he often ?(finish) his homework before 7 o'clock .


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