初中英语外研版九年级下册Module5 Look after yourself 单元练习[含答案]

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初中英语外研版九年级下册Module5 Look after yourself 单元练习




1. A. Yes, please. B. Here you are. C. In the library.

2. A. It doesn't matter. B. It's cold. C. Good idea.

3. A. Friendly. B. Sunny. C. Delicious.

4. A. Sounds boring. B. I don't like it. C. I agree.

5. A. She is my aunt. B. She is quiet. C. She is a nurse.


6. Is Mike tall or short?

A. He's tall.

B. He's short.

C. He is of medium height.

7. How was Lucy's weekend?

A. Boring. B. Great. C. Terrible.

8. What's Steve's favorite sport?

A. Soccer. B. Basketball. C. Ping-pong.

9. Why can't Gina go to the party?

A. Because she has to look after her sister.

B. Because she has too much homework to do.

C. Because she has to meet her uncle at the airport.

10. How old is Amy's sister?

A. Three. B. Eleven. C. Fourteen.


11. Where's the bank?

A. Behind the park. B. Across from the park. C. Next to the park.

12. Is Center Street far from here?

A. No, it isn't. B. Yes, it is. C. I don't know.


13. What will they do on Saturday evening?

A. Go to the park. B. Go to the shop. C. Go to the concert.

14. How many tickets do they have?

A. One. B. Two. C. Three.

15. When will they meet?

A. 5:00. B. 6:00. C. 7:00.


16. What color was the dog?

A. White. B. Black. C. Brown.

17. What was wrong with the dog?

A. She was ill. B. She was hungry. C. Her leg was broken.

18. How did they bring the dog to the doctor for animals?

A. By car. B. On foot. C. By bus.

19. What did Bill do to find the owner?

A. He put up signs in his neighborhood.

B. He called the Animal Helper Center.

C. He showed the picture of the dog on the Internet.

20. What was the name of the baby dog?

A. Coco. B. Lucky. C. Happy.


21. My daughter ? for me until I came back last night.

A. didn't wait B. waited C. is waiting D. waits

22. Look! The workers ? a bridge over the river.

A. build B. built C. will build D. are building

23. My sister ? art when she grows up because she wants to be an artist.

A. studies B. is going to study

C. studied D. studying

24. --- Long time no see! I think you ? a lot.

--- Yes. I used to be quiet, but now I'm outgoing.

A. will change B. were changing C. are changed D. have changed

25. --- What were you doing when we were playing basketball yesterday afternoon?

--- I ? the classroom.

A. was cleaning B. have cleaned C. will clean D. clean

26. Jimmy ? an engineer when he ? up.

A. is; grows

B. is; is going to grow

C. is going to be; grows

D. is going to be; is going to grow

27. --- What did your dad tell you, my baby?

--- He said the sun ? in the east.

A. went up B. will go up C. goes up

28. She ? for London next Monday.

A. leaves B. is leaving C. leave D. left

29. --- Is Tom at home?

--- No, he ? to the town.

A. has been B. has gone C. goes D. will go

30. What ? you ? when the captain came in?

A. are; doing B. did; do C. were; doing


31. The two sides failed to reach an a ?.

32. I e ? that I can spend my winter holiday in Hawaii.

33. I r ? two children to help me.

34. After putting most of his e ? into table tennis training, Ma Lin won the gold medal of Men's Singles at the Beijing Olympic Games.

35. The pollution causes great damage to our health and does h ? to plants and animals.


36. Our parents all ?(期待) we'll have a bright future.

37. Never shout at your parents even if you are not in ?(意见一致).

38. You should put your ?(努力) into your study.

39. The earth is our home. Everyone of us shouldn't do ?(伤害) to the environment.

40. He always keeps on doing ?(身体的) exercises in the park.


41. In order to watch the news on TV, he often ?(finish) his homework before 7 o'clock .

42. I've had the toy bear since I ?(be) a baby.

43. Listen! The birds ?(sing) in the trees.

44. They ?(not have) any classes next week.

45. We know each other well because we ?(be) friends since ten years ago,

46. This time yesterday Jack ?(mend) his bike.

47. English ?(speak) by many people in the world.

48. A present ?(give) to me by my friend yesterday.

49. A modern hospital ?(build) in this city next year.

50. Some of the swamps have been ?(pollute).


51. 他跑得那么快我追不上他。

He runs so fast that I can't ? ? ? him.

52. 多亏其他国家的帮助,日本人地震后生活平静。(词数不限)

? from other countries, people in Japan live a peaceful life after the earthquake.

53. 在阳光下看书会对你的眼睛造成伤害。

Reading in the sun will ? ? ? your eyes.

54. 因此当我与朋友见面时,我努力做到守时。

So I ? ? ? to be on time when I meet my friends.

55. 我偶尔吃一块巧克力。

I have a bar of chocolate ? ? ? ?.


At the beginning of the new term, fourth-grade teacher, Qu Tingting, 56 ? that more students wore glasses when she entered the classroom at Tairi School in Shanghai.

Qu said eight of the 40 children in her class wore glasses. There were only four 57 ? the Spring Festival holiday in February.

\ 58 ? homework,\

\数码小装置) such as mobile phones and iPads are not allowed during 59 ?, but almost all of the children's parents tell 60 ? their kids use iPads after school,\

Eye tests showed that at Tairi School, fourth-grade students' eyesight(视力) has gotten worse on average (平均) since last term.

As more children 61 ? iPads, eye doctors reminded parents that the gadgets might damage(损害) children's eyesight. They told parents to stop children from 62 ? with digital gadgets.

A father said his nine-year-old son was always playing games on his iPad. The boy was unwilling to 63 ? even when the family had dinner together in a restaurant.

\ 64 ? when they see his little fingers moving here and there across the screen, 65 ? they don't know that he spends hours playing the games at home every day,\

56. A. noticed B. believed C. heard D. explained

57. A. for B. to C. since D. before

58. A. few B. little C. lots of D. plenty of

59. A. vacations B. camps C. exercise D. school

60. A. her B. him C. me D. them

61. A. were worried about B. were interested in

C. were afraid of D. were proud of

62. A. studying B. shopping C. working D. playing

63. A. stop B. continue C. stay D. think

64. A. careful B. brave C. smart D. kind

65. A. but B. so C. and D. or



Parents have tried hard for years to make children go to bed on time. In Scotland, however, all the family will enjoy sweet dreams in the future, as pupils are taught how to sleep.

The project is run by an organization called Sleep Scotland (睡眠苏格兰). In the class, students will be taught tips such as the importance of a regular bedtime and avoiding late night television. Parents and teachers will also be given reports to help teenagers to get good sleep.

According to a research in the UK, 25% teenagers are not getting enough sleep at night. They stay awake for hours after midnight to watch TV, play games or surf the Internet. It is one reason why students get angry easily, have trouble communicating with others and don't achieve at school.

All the schools offering sleep lessons reported that the project was very helpful. One 15--year--old teenager has taken a series of (一系列) the lessons and tried going to bed early after the lessons.



66. What does the underlined word \

A. 跑步 B. 管理 C. 竞选 D. 转移

67. Who is the sleep lesson for?

A. Parents. B. Teenagers. C. Teachers. D. Doctors.

68. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Most teenagers in the UK get angry easily.

B. Pupils in Scotland will sleep better than before.

C. Students will be told to avoid late- night television.

D. All the schools offering sleep lessons think the project is helpful.

69. Which of the following can be the best title of the passage?

A. Sleep in Class B. Sleep Scotland

C. Sleep Time D. Sleep Lessons


We think that our homes are the safest place to be. This isn't always true though. Every year in the UK nearly a million children under the age of 15 have to go to hospital after having an acci-dent at home. There are ways to improve the situation and be safe.


● Keep all knives away from children, so that they won't cut their fingers.

● Teach your children that the cooker is hot and they mustn't touch it, so that they won't burn their fingers.

● Don't leave matches lying about. Children could burn their fingers or start a fire.


● Cover all electrical outlets(接口) that are not in use to protect children from electric shocks.

Doors & Windows

● Don't leave anything near a window if children can climb on top of it.

● Fix safety glass in large windows and French doors so that they won't break if a child falls against them.


● Keep medicine and cleaning supplies out of reach of children, so that they won't be poisoned(中毒).


● Fix safety gates on all open stairways to avoid falls.

● Never leave anything on the stairs that someone can trip over.

70. The passage doesn't give any advice on ?.

A. knives and electrical outlets B. the cooker and French doors

C. water and lights D. cleaning supplies and stairs

71. To make sure children are safe at home, we need to ?.

A. put something near the windows

B. keep medicine away from them

C. hand out all the matches

D. fix no gates on open stairways

72. ? will most probably be interested in this passage.

A. Doctors B. Teachers C. Children D. Parents


The eagle has the longest life of its group. It can reach up to 70 years. But to reach this age, the eagle must make a hard and painful decision.

When an eagle reaches near 40, its short sharp beak becomes bent(弯曲的). Its long and once flexible(灵活的) talons can no longer catch animals or birds for food. And its old and heavy wings with thick feathers on its body make it difficult to fly. Then, the eagle has only two choices: to die or to go through a painful time of change which needs five months.

When the eagle feels weak and is about to die, it goes to a place far away on the top of a mountain and sits on a nest. For a new life, the eagle knocks its beak against a rock until it pulls its beak out. After pulling it out, the eagle waits for a new beak to grow. And then it pulls out its talons and old feathers. It takes the eagle five months to complete its change and get a new life. We can call it its rebirth. So it can live for 30 more years.

Like the eagle, we human beings sometimes need to make some change to get out of our difficulty. In miserable condition, we have to change our ways of life. The changing may be very painful. But sometimes we have to throw off our old habits, memories and traditions. We can't go on with all our past burdens(重负).

73. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. When an eagle reaches near 40, its short sharp beak is still straight.

B. For a new life, the eagle knocks its talons against a rock.

C. If the eagle doesn't change itself, it will have a new life.

D. The writer's idea is that we can't go on with all our past burdens.

74. The underlined word \ ?\

A. terrible B. good C. lonely D. lucky

75. The best title for the passage can be \ ?\

A. The Death of the Eagle

B. The Living Period of the Eagle

C. A Good and Easy Decision

D. Rebirth of the Eagle


Parents are the closest people to you in the world. They love you just because you are you. And they would do anything for you.

Like a lot of middle school students, Jessica has a problem. She and her parents don't get on well. \

Do you and your parents have problems?

A study shows that many Chongqing families have the same problems as Jessica's family. The children, 12-15 years old, don't like talking with their parents much. They aren't happy at home. Of course, lots of other children feel that way. But you and your parents will be happier if you can be friends. Here are some ways to have a good talk with your parents: Find a good time to talk, like when you're eating dinner, going out for a walk or watching TV. Tell them something you're interested in, or ask them about their lives when they were young. They love to talk about that! Listen to them carefully, and look at them in the eyes.

If you try these ways, you will probably get on better with your parents.

76. Who are the closest people to you in the world?

A. friends B. classmates C. teachers D. parents

77. Which is right according to the passage?

A. Only the children from 12 to 15 years old don't like talking with their parents

B. Jessica thinks her father doesn't understand her

C. Jessica isn't a good girl

D. Girls can get on well with their parents while boys can't

78. What's the main idea of the passage?

A. Students' study at school

B. Parents love children

C. How to get on with parents

D. Tell your parents what you're interested in


When I first moved to Melbourne, my new city seemed so big and unfriendly. One day, I decided to go to Royal Melbourne Hospital for a medical exam because I was worried that maybe I had got a serious illness.

79. ? However, I mistakenly got on a bus that was going in the opposite direction. Realizing that, I got off the bus quickly, stood on the street and didn't know what to do. I looked into the eyes of a woman who was walking past me. 80. ? I started to explain my situation to her, and tears(泪水) started running down my face. The woman pointed(指) to a bus stop across the street and told me that a bus would be there soon and it would take me to the hospital. Then she left.

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