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Module 6 Look after yourself--短语及句型have an accident 出事故have a fever 发烧have a pain in the chest 胸口疼in pain 痛苦地have a ache in his head 头痛be missing 不见be wounded in the arm 手臂受伤show sb sth 出示某物给某人had better (not ) do sth 最好(别)做catch up ( with ) 赶上catch the bus 赶公共汽车catch sb by the arm 抓住某人的手臂trip over 绊倒thanks to / because of 由于thank sb for doing 感谢某人做某事live a happy life 过幸福生活expect to do sth 期望做某事It is thought that ---认为in the future 将来sb’s hundredth birthday 某人百岁生日the oncoming traffic 迎面而来的车辆too---to ---太---而不能be sure of sth / doing sth 主语相信能做be sure to do 相信主语能做---go up 上升come down 下沉require sb to do / that ---要求做require doing sth 要求(被)做at least 至少a large amount of +不可数n.:大量a number of +可数n.许多watch your diet 注意饮食see sth as 把---看作now and then 偶尔,有时put on weight 增加体重rest up 休息,休养not ---, but ---不是---而是take drugs吸毒say no to sb./ sth 拒绝have an effect on sb / sth 对---有影响from side to side 从一边到另一边get an electric shock 被电击pull sb away 把某人推开take a sudden interest in 对---突然感兴趣take up 开始养成----的习惯look up 查阅stop doing 停止做某事find out 发现in other words 换句话说as a result 结果give in 屈服,让步give up 放弃ask sb for help向某人请求帮助 help sb with sth 在某方面帮助某人die of 死于疾病、饥饿、寒冷等die from 死于创伤、过度疲劳、饮食过度等die away 逐渐消失die out 完全灭绝thes mell of ----的气味、味道www.07swz.com防采集请勿采集本网。

Unit 2 Get off the sofa



Module 1 Unit 2 自然界最伟大的奇观 我到那儿的时候是个大清早,而且正下着雨。下了车,我穿过一个门,沿着一条小路前行。那时东边的天空正在泛白,但小路旁边仍是一片漆

1.Do you know the man ______ is standing near the door?

贝蒂:好吧,进来坐下! 大明:什么事? 玲玲:我们在开会。 大明:我一点都不知道,我在做作业。这个会是关于什么的? 玲玲;校园杂志。 大明:什么校园杂志? 贝蒂:好吧,大家请

A.who B.whom

外研社九年级英语下册单词表 Module 1 flight [fla?t] n. 航班;飞行 because of 因为;由于 direct [d??rekt] adv. 径直地;直接地 pilot [?pa?l?t] n. 飞行员 succeed[s?k?si:d] v. 成功;做成

C.whose  D.which

使震惊 在里面 奶牛 牙医 牙齿 机器人 Module 3 辩论 病 防止 医学 猜想 放松的 年龄最大的 已婚的 跌落 结婚 夫妻 日常饮食 过某种生活 疾病 Module 4

2.We are planning ______ Hainan Island this summer.

photo of (people) ------------------------------…的照片 36 musical groups---------------------------------音乐组合 37 Englishi course---------------------------------英语角 38 host family-----

A.to visit    B.visiting

“请把你的钢笔借给我好吗?”could you please+v原形?表请求,译为“请你做好吗?”

C.on visit    D.on a visit

Module 1 Wonders of the world Unit1 What is a wonder of the world? 贝蒂:好吧,进来坐下! 大明:什么事? 玲玲:我们在开会。 大明:我一点都不知道,我在做作业。这个会是关

3.—______ free education,the poor children in our hometown can go back to school.


—So can the poor children in our hometown.

1.这是我第三次参加这夏令营了,除此之外,以前我也参加国英国其它地方的金菲舍夏令营。 2.毕竟,暑假虽然很棒,但是太长了,也会呆腻的。 3.到了周末,我通常就对他们很了

A.Thanks to B.Instead of

外研版九年级英语上册 Module3 课文翻译: Module 3 Sporting life Unit 1 When will the match be held? 玲玲:你好,托尼。你看上去很累。 托尼:是的。我正和 BIG—北京国际环

C.As for D.According to


4.—The TV show Home With Kids is very wonderful.You shouldn't miss it.

Betty: OK, come in and sit down! Daming: What’s happening? Lingling: We’re having a meeting. Daming: That’s news to me! I’m doing my homework. What’s it

—If I have time,I ______ it.

Unit 7 tiring<>麻烦的 educational<>教育的 peaceful<>和平的 fascinating<>迷人的 thrilling<>毛骨悚然的 take it easy<>放轻松点 Florida<

A.see  B.saw

C.will see   D.have seen

5.It is very ______ for him to ca

tch the first bus.

A.luck B.lucky

C.luckily D.unlucky

6.I think you must ______ an effort to do some exercise every day.

A.take B.have

C.make D.give

7.Lucy ______ a lot of time in r

eading every day.

A.takes  B.costs

C.pays  D.spends

8.—How long does it take to get to the s


—It's ______ walk.

A.six minute's   B.six-minutes

C.six minutes   D.six minutes'

9.Don't eat ______ meat.It's bad for your health.

A.too many B.too much

C.much too D.many too

10.______ the past,people lived a poor life.

A.In B.On

C.At D.For



1.Women usu


spend a lot of time _______(shop).

2.Which sofa is _______(comfort),this one or that one?

3.It is _______(nature)for children to make mistakes.

4._______(smoke)harms nearly every part of your body.

5.After a good _______(night)rest,you will feel better.

6.Though she is old,she looks _______(health)than others.

7.I'm sure that more and more people will celebrate their _______(hundred)birthday


8.She is very _______(worry)about her sick father these days.

9.It is not

easy _______(catch)up with them in a short time.

10.Lucy expected ______

_(visit)the Great Wall one day.


Do you have a healthy lifestyle?I think I 1._______.First,I have many good eating habits.I like junk food,2._______ I hardly eat it.I eat fruit and vegetables every day.3._______ they are not very delicious,but they are 4._______ for our health.Second,I do 5._______ every day.It is said that if people run every day,they will have more healthy hearts than others.So I run for 6._______ thirty minutes every morning.

7._______,I have good living habits.I try to 8._______ at least 8 hours every day.That 9._______ me to be energetic the next day.And I can study better and get good grades.

What do you 10._______ my lifestyle?Can you learn something from it?

1.A.do B.am C.like D.make

2.A.and B.but C.so D.or

3.A.Maybe B.Although C.Because D.If

4.A.bad B.late C.hard D.good

5.A.cleaning B.homework C.exercise D.reading

6.A.at B.about C.on D.in

7.A.First B.Second C.Third D.Fourth

8.A.sleep B.practise C.spend D.d



9.A.stops B.makes C.helps D.asks

10.A.look at B.think of C.t

alk about D.agree with参考答案

Ⅰ.1.A 本题考查定语从句。先行词the man指人,所以关系词用that或who/whom;因为关系词在从句中作主语,故选A项。

2.A plan to do sth.“计划/打算做某事”。

3.A 由“我们家乡的贫穷孩子能返校


4.C 在以if引导的条件状语从句中,如果从句用一般现在时,则主句通常用一般将来时。

5.B 本题考查句型“it is+形容词+for/of sb.to do sth.”。由此可知,本空需填形容词,所以排除A、C项;由句意“赶上了公共汽车”可知,答案为luck


6.C make an effort意为“作出努力”。

7.D “spend+时间+(in)doing sth.”意为“花费时间做某事”。

8.D 以-s结尾的复数名词变所有格时,直接在末尾加“'”。

9.B 句意:不要吃太多的肉,这对你的健康有害。too much和too many都有“太多”之意,但too much修饰不可数名词,too many修饰可数名词复数,而meat是不可数名词,故选B项。

10.A in the past是固定短语,意为“在过去”。

Ⅱ.1.shopping “spend+时间+(in)doing sth.”意为“花费时间做某


2.more comfortable 由于在句中作表语,所以此处需用comfort的形容词形式comfortable,“舒服的”。由“this one or that one?”可知,此处要用comfortable的比较级形式。comfortable是多音节形容词,所以变比较级时,要在comfortable前面加more。

3.natural 本句属于“it is+形容词+for/of sb.to do sth.”结构,所以此处要用nature的形容词形式natural,“自然的”。

4.Smoking 通过观察,本题缺少主语。动词原形不能作句子的主语,而应用动词的-ing形式作主语。

5.night's 句意:经过一晚上的休息后,你会感觉好多了。night以字母t结尾,变所有格时,直接在末尾加's。

6.healthier look在本句中是连系动词,后面要跟形容词作表语。health的形容词是healthy。而由than可知,此处要用healthy的比较级形式。

7.hundredth 句意:我相信越来越多的人将会庆祝他们的第一百个生日。所以此处要用hundred的序数词形式。

8.worried be worried about意为“担心……”。

9.to catch 本题考查句型“it is+形容词+to do sth.”结构,所以答案为to catch。


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