2019-2020学年高中英语北师大版必修1文档:Unit 1 Section Lesson 4 Word版含答案

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I need to be in my office by② nine o’clock so I usually get up at seven o’clock. I travel to work on “the tube③”. That’s what people call the underground in London④. It takes about fifty minutes.⑤ Usually, it’s so crowded⑥ that I can’t find anywhere to sit⑦.I just stand. I’m always tired⑧ before I arrive at work. I don’t like the underground!

I spend all morning checking numbers.⑨ Lunch is always simple. I often get a sandwich in a nearby⑩ sandwich shop or I just have some biscuits and a cup of coffee. Then in the afternoon, I return? to the paperwork in the office.



②by prep.到……为止



⑤It takes ... (to do sth.)(做某事)花费……


⑦so ... that ...句式,表示“如此……以至于……”。

⑧be tired感到劳累

be tired out非常疲倦(=very tired)

be tired with sth.因某事而劳累

be tired of doing sth. 厌倦做某事

⑨Sb. spend(s) time (in) doing sth.某人花费时间做某事。



?return v.返回

return=go back,不能说return back。





On Monday nights, I have dance classes, and on Wednesday nights, I go to the gym. I need? to do that because I don’t get enough? exercise otherwise?. On Tuesday and Thursday nights, I have French classes. I work for a French company so I think studying French will help me in my job.?

I go to the cinema almost every weekend. Sometimes?, if the weather forecast? is good?,my friends and I drive to the countryside? for a weekend break. We like to visit nice, quiet places far away from? the city and go walking where there are no shops, crowds or the tube.That fresh air is so good for my lungs. I love it.


?enough adj.&adv.足够(的)



?so连接两个并列分句,表因果关系。在第二个分句中,含有省略that的宾语从句;而动名词短语studying French在宾语从句中作主语。

?sometimes adv.有时(=at times)




?drive to the countryside 开车去乡下

?far away from ... 远离…… far from 远非

crowd/kra?d/n.人群 a crowd of 一群






I usually get up at four o’clock every morning when it’s still dark. I live and work on the farm so I don’t need to travel. After a big breakfast in my house, I walk out of the front door and I’m already at work.

There are many things to do on the farm all day. We don’t have the same work hours that office workers in the city have. We do jobswhen they need to be done andthat could be early in the morning or late at night. I have cows, sheep, pigs and chickens on my farm. I have to make sure they are free ofsickness. I also grow wheat and vegetables so there are many things to look after.

in the north of 在……北部


on the farm 在农场 at work 在工作;在运转

that引导定语从句,修饰work hours。

the same修饰定语从句的先行词时,若强调同一事物,引导词用that;若强调同类事



need to be done 需要被做(=need doing)


late at night 半夜(=at late night)

make sure 确定,确保

be free of ... 免于……;免除……







In the evening, I like to play with my children. I have two children, a boy and a girl. They are six and eight years old. I also like to study. Right now I am studying Chinese by distancelearning. I am very interested in China and it’s my dream to see the Great Wall one day.

I love movies. My wife calls me a “movie fan”. But there isn’t a cinema in my village so I don’t get the chance to go very often. I go about twice a year, usually when I go to London with my family. We take a weekend break there when I am not too busy on the farm. My wife loves looking in the clothes shops and I like all the crowds and the noise. I also like to buy a few cigars. Unfortunately, my wife isn’t as fond of them as I am. My son and daughter love to ride on London’s red buses and they especially love to go on the tube!

play with ... 和……玩耍

right now 此刻,现在;立即,马上(=right away)

distance learning远程学习 distance/'dIst?ns/n.距离

be interested in 对……感兴趣

it作形式主语,to see ...是句子的真正主语。

movie fan 影迷

chance n.机会;运气 by chance 偶然

动词不定式短语作定语,修饰the chance。


take a break 休息一下(=take a rest)

love doing 喜欢做


unfortunately adv.遗憾地;不幸的是

Unfortunately=It is unfortunate that ...

not as/so ... as 不如……


especially adv.特别;尤其(=in particular/particularly)







Scan the text and finish the following question.

What is the main idea of the text?

The text is mainly about the_two_lifestyles_in_city_and_country.


1.Read the text carefully and choose the best answer.

(1)How long is it from Debbie’s home to her company?

A.Fifty minutes’ walk.

B.Fifty minutes by underground.

C.Fifty minutes by bus.

D.Fifty minutes by bike.

(2)Why doesn’t Debbie like to go to work on “the tube”?

A.It’s always too crowded.

B.She is sometimes late if she goes to work on “the tube”.

C.The underground is not fast enough.

D.She can’t catch “the tube” sometimes.

(3)Debbie works for a French company so she ________.

A.has dance classes on Monday nights

B.goes to the gym on Wednesday nights

C.has French classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights

D.goes to the cinema almost every week

(4)When Paul’s family take a weekend in London, ________.

A.the children love looking in the clothes shops

B.the husband will go to movies

C.the wife likes to buy cigars

D.they love to ride on red buses or the tube

(5)From the second passage we know Paul is _________ his life.

A.unsatisfied with       B.getting bored of

C.disappointed with D.satisfied with

答案:(1)~(5) BACBD

2.Fill in the chart with the information in the text.





She’s an ①________ in a large firm in London.

He lives in a small ②________ in the Northern England.

Wake-up time

③ ________ o’clock

④________ o’clock



She travels to work on the ⑤________.

He lives and works on the ⑥______________.

Working hours

8 hours

all day



⑦________ classes, go to the gym, French classes

play with his ⑧__________, study by distance learning



She goes to the ⑨______ almost every weekend. Sometimes she drives to the country and goes walking with her friends.

He loves ⑩____. He goes about twice a year, usually when he goes to London with his family.

答案:①accountant ②village ③seven ④four ⑤underground ⑥farm ⑦dance ⑧children ⑨cinema ⑩movies





1.nearbyadj.   附近的

adv. 在附近

2.otherwiseadv. 否则,另外

3.forecastn. 预测;预报

4.lungn. 肺

5.cigarn. 雪茄烟

6.chancen. 机会,可能(性)


1.accountantn.会计,会计师→account n.账户;账目


3.sicknessn.疾病→sick adj.生病的

4.distancen.距离→distant adj.遥远的

5.imaginevt.想象,猜想→imagination n.想象力

1. forecast vt.预报;预告n.预测;预报

[记法] fore-前缀表示“在……之前”

[词块] the weather forecast 天气预报

2.sickness n.疾病

[记法] adj.+后缀-ness(性质,状态)→名词

[联想] 盘点后缀-ness名词

①ill 生病的→illness 疾病

②dark 黑暗的→darkness 黑暗

③kind 慈善的,宽容的,善良的→kindness 好意

3.crowded adj.拥挤的

[记法] v.+后缀(e)d(有/具……的特征)→形容词

[联想] 构成后缀-(e)d形容词集锦

①frighten v.使惊吓→frightened 惊吓的

②excite v.使兴奋→excited adj.兴奋的,激动的

③delight v.使高兴→delighted adj.高兴的




1.far away from     远离

2.make sure确保;保证

3.be at work 在工作

4.be free of免除;摆脱

5.be interested in对……感兴趣

6.be fond of喜欢

7.play with与……一块儿玩

8.be good for对……有好处

1.have French classes   上法语课

2.late at night 深夜

3.get the chance 得到机会

4.take a weekend break 周末休息

5.get enough exercise 得到足够的锻炼

6.go to the cinema 去看电影

7.go walking 去散步

8.distance learning 远程学习





1.That’s what people call the underground in London.



Visiting Beijing is what_I_want_to_do_most this summer holiday.


2.Usually, it’s so crowded that I can’t find anywhere to sit.


so ... that“如此……以至于……”,引导结果状语从句。

The film is so_moving_that I want to see it again.


3.We don’t have the same work hours that office workers in the city have.


the same ... that ...结构中,that为关系代词,引导定语从句。

He works in the_same_company_that I do.


4.Unfortunately, my wife isn’tasfond of them as I am.


as ... as ...意为“像/和……一样”,表同级比较。

I haven’t known him as_long_as_you.


1.(教材P14)Usually, it’s so crowded that I can’t find anywhere to sit.


crowded adj.拥挤的;挤满的;装满的

(1)be crowded with       挤满

(2)crowd n.&v. 人群;拥挤,聚集

crowd in 大批涌入

crowd into ... 大批涌入……

a crowd of/crowds of 一群

the crowd 群众,民众

①On the National Day, the streets were crowded with a large number of people.


②As soon as the gate was opened, the people around crowded into the supermarket.


③There were a_large_crowd_of people in the hall.


[语境串记] The crowd crowded into the stadium which was crowded with audience.


2.(教材P14)I often get a sandwich in a nearby sandwich shop or I just have some biscuits and a cup of coffee.




①Can you tell me the way to a nearby church?


②Can you introduce another hotel nearby?


[名师点津] nearby用作形容词时,既可以作前置定语又可以作后置定语。


③The plane landed_nearby because of the emergency.



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