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Unit 1 Lifestyles

Lesson 2 Relaxing









1. Many people have experienced the s and strains of modern life.

2. To make films, many s were set up in California.

3. An e is a person with special knowledge, skill or training in a particular field.

4. She is s from loss of memory.

5. The p of the water caused the wall of the dam to crack.

6. I know him through work, but not s .

7. This shirt was greatly r in the sale.

8. She o the class into four groups to discuss the problem.

9. My nerves won't s the strain much longer.

10. I p watching TV to playing outdoors.







6.general knowledge_________________

7. in groups of four_________________

8. as long as_________________

9. take turns to do sth. _________________

10. think of_________________



I _______________________ in class.

2. 昨天不止一个学生迟到了。

_______________student_____ late yesterday.


He _________________rather than________.


I find____________________________.


Please_______________ activities you like and don’t like.


1. I like this jacket better than that one, but it costs almost three times _______.

A. as much B. as many

C. so much D. so many

2. The old lady _______great pain when her only son was killed in a traffic accident.

A. took B. suffered

C. suffered from D. stood

3. Rather than_______, he prefers _______ for his motherland.

A. surrender; die B. surrender; to die

C. surrendering; die D. to surrender; dying

4. ---Do you ______ to be on duty?

---Yes, I do it _______.

A. by turns; take turns B. in turn; to turns

C. take turns; by turns D. get turns; in turn

5. The evening party was well _______and everyone had a good time.

A. organised B. set up

C. put on D. managed

6. ---The cars give off a great deal of waste gas in the streets.

---Yes.But I’m sure something will be done to _______air pollution.

A.reduce B. remove

C.collect D. warn

7.Almost nobody can stand _______fun of before a crowd of people.

A.to be made B.to make

C.being made D. making

8.Something as simple as drinking some cold water may clear your mind and relieve_____.

A. pressure B. stressful

C. stressed D. worried

9.Finally the farmer was reduced _______his land.

A.to sell B.to have sold

C.to selling D.selling

10.No chocolate,please.I’m on a_______.

A. food B. diet

C. rest D. water


One of my fondest memories as a child is walking by a river,enjoying the peace and quiet. When feeling a bit tired,I would sit  1  on the bank,watching the bamboo trees bend under the  2  from the wind and watch them gracefully  3  standing upright after the wind had died down.

When I think about the bamboo tree's  4  to bounce back,the word resilience (适应力) comes to mind. When used in reference to a person,it means the ability to readily  5  from shock,depression or any other  6  that stretches the limits of a person's  7 .

Have you ever felt like you were at your  __8__ point-You were feeling emotionally worn out,mentally  9  and you were likely suffering unpleasant  10  symptoms?Luckily,you have  11  the experience to live to talk about it. You should be thankful now 12  you have learned something new,no matter whether you succeeded or not.

Life is a  13  of good times and bad times. Some moments are really  14  and uncomfortable. Next time you are experiencing one of those  15 ,just follow the example of the bamboo trees:bend but  16  quit. Success is produced from the problems you face. Those who refuse to give in can  17  it.

Remember,an optimistic outlook helps you. Always having  18  will take you through the unpleasant ordeal (苦难的经历). 19  the picture of a better tomorrow in your mind,things may not be as  20  as they seem to be.

1. A. quickly B. carelessly

C. lazily D. slowly

2. A. blow B. pressure

C. touch D.hit

3. A. change into B. escape from

C. return to D. turn to

4. A. ability B. attempt

C. intention D. eagerness

5. A. recover B. refresh

C. regain D. remove

6. A. content B. situation

C. environment D. example

7. A. emotions B. body

C. health D. intelligence

8. A. breaking B. starting

C. sticking D. turning

9. A. dull B. tired

C. peaceful D. excited

10. A. healthy B. physical

C. psychological D. spiritual

11. A. come across B. got through

C. passed by D.won over

12. A. because B. once

C. till D. when

13. A. connection B. matter

C. mixture D. test

14. A. doubtful B. harmful

C. painful D. shameful

15. A. hardships B. moments

C. successes D. times

16. A. already B. ever

C. never D. only

17. A. make B. do

C. give D. take

18. A. courage B. hope

C. friends D. wisdom

19. A. By B. Through

C. In D. With

20. A. bad B. good

C. easy D. complex


I.1.stresses 2.studios 3.expert 4.suffering 5.pressure 6.socially 7.reduced 8.organised 9.stand 10.prefer

II.1. suffer from 2.take place 3.lose weight 4.give a talk to sb. 5.more than one 6.常识 7.四人一组 8.只要 9.轮流做某事 10.思考,考虑,想出

III.1.can’t stand the students talking 2.More than one, was

3.preferred to die, give in

4.learning English well difficult 5.take turns to talk about

IV.1. A 空白处补充完整为as much as that one。

2. B suffer pain“遭受痛苦”;suffer from“受……之苦”;stand“忍受”,通常不接情感类名词。

3. B prefer to do sth. rather than do sth.“宁愿做某事也不干做某事”,本句中把rather than do…提至句首。

4. C 句意:“你们轮流值日吗?”“是的,轮到我值日了。”take turns“轮流,依次”;by turns“依次”。根据句意可知C项正确。

5. A 句意:晚会被组织得很好,大家都玩得很高兴。organise“组织”;set up“建起,成立”;put on“上演”;manage“设法,经营”。

6. A reduce“减少,降低”;remove“去掉”;collect“收集”;warn“警告”,根据句意可知A项正确。

7. C can’t stand后面应该接动名词形式,表示“无法忍受……”。从句意分析,不能忍受的是在一群人面前“受到嘲笑”,所以用动名词的被动式。

8. A relieve pressure意为“释放压力”,只有pressure为名词,其余几个选项为形容词。

9. C be reduced to doing sth.意为“沦落到做某事(的程度)”。

10. B be on a diet意为“节食”。

V.1.C 根据上文的tired判断应该选C,即lazily。

2. B 能使竹子弯曲的应该是风的压力。

3. C 根据下文的“bounce back”,可知这里指竹子恢复原状。

4. A 这里指竹子具备这种能力。

5. A 这里指人在受到情感的打击后恢复正常。

6. B 这里指“震惊、沮丧或其他情形”。

7. A 震惊、沮丧应该属于情感方面的。

8. A breaking point崩溃点。

9. B 这里应选与worn out意思相近的词。

10. B 这句话说明人在压力之下的各方面的症状,与情感、精神并列的,自然是身体。

11. B 尽管你经历了许多的困难,幸运的是,你现在能描述这些经历,说明你已经顺利渡过了难关。

12. A 这里为因果关系。

13. C 既然生活中既有good times又有bad times,它肯定是混合体。

14. C painful与uncomfortable搭配,意思通顺。

15. B 与前面的“some moments”一致。

16. C 根据前文意思,竹子虽然在风的压力下弯曲,但大风过后就会恢复直立。因此这里应是“从不放弃”。

17. A make it=succeed成功,达到目的。

18. B 根据前面的an optimistic outlook及后文的“the picture of a better tomorrow”,这里应填“希望”。

19. D 这里是with复合结构。

20. A 这里选bad,与前面的unpleasant呼应。D项为中性词,不能表达出痛苦的意思。



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