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1.Are you feeling better today, Mrs. Silver? (Yes, thanks doctor. But I still feel dizzy)

2. Are there any good shows on TV tonight? (-Titanic is on the movie channel)

5.Are there any drug-stores around here?, it isn’t)

6.Are you sure about that? (Oh, yes, I’m absolutely positive)

7.ou on holidau here? (-No, we aren’t,We live here)Afternoon, sir. Where to? (Please get me to the airport)

3Are you going on holiday for a long time?— __ No. Only a couple of days.___

3.Ami , I want this report typed today. (It’ll be ready in the afternoon, sir)

19.Afternoon, sir. Where to?A__ Please get me to the airport?? __________.

8.Could you please tell me how to get to the nearest bus stop? (It’s on the right corner just ahead)

1. Could you help me with my physics, please?D. Sorry I can’t. I have to go to a meeting right now.

3. Could I borrow your car for a few days?_ C. Sure, here you are. Enjoy your journey.

11.Could I thak to Prof. Lee? (Yes, speaking)

12.Can you help me clear up the mess? (No problem)

13Can you tell me where I can park the car? (Well, just over there)

10.Can you tell me how much a T-shirt like this costs? (About forty-five dollars)

4Can you turn down the radio, please?-A. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was that loud

9.Can I help you to get it down? (Thanks. It’s so nice of you)

20. Can I help you to get it down????? — ????????C??Thanks. It’s so nice of you???????????.

9. Doctor, I don’t feel well. —_____ What’s the matter? ___________

14.Don’t take too long at the coffee shop. It’s 14:15. (I see .We have 30 minutes left)

15.Do you think the exam will be put off? (Not likely)

16.Do you mind if I read the newspaper on the table? (Go ahead, please)

9. Excuse me, but can you tell me the way to the post office?A. Don’t ask that.

17.Excuse me, does this bus go to the bookstore? (No. you’d change at the next stop)

18.Excuse me .Is this table taken? (Yeah. I’m saving these seats for friends)

19.Excuse me, when is the next flight from London due to arrive? (In half an hour)

20.Excuse me, I didn’t mean to bother you (That’s quite all right)

21.Excuse me, which is the express train to Tokyo? (On you right. It’ll leave in 5 minutes)

22.Excuse me, which bus goes to the city museum? (You can take No.102 bus)

5. Excuse me, how much is the jacket?—It’s 499 Yuan. __ D. Would you like to try it on?

23.Go that way and take a seat. (Yes,that’s a good way)

1Good morning, John . How are you doing?- C:Not so bad. And you?_

3Good-bye for now. - ___ C:See you.

25.Help yourself to the steak, Maggie (Thanks you, Helen. It’s been a nice dinner)

6. —Hello, may I talk to the director now?A. Sorry, he is busy at the moment.__________

30.Have you got a table for four, Waiter? (Yes, sure. This way, please)

26.Have you ever been to Tokyo? (No, but I hope to go there next year)

27.Have a nice holiday, Ted (Thank you ,and you too)

9. Haven’t seen you for ages! What are you busy doing now? —_D I am working part time in a bookshop, you know.__

1.Hi, welcome back! Had a nice trip?—__A_ Oh, fantastic! Fresh air, and sunshine every day _

2.Hi, Tom, how’s everything with you?—__B Hm, not too bad __, and how are you?

28.Hello! Can I get a seat on the 8 pm flight to Detroit? (I’m sorry, but it’s completely booked)

4、Hello, I'm Harry Potter.- Hello, my name is Charles Green, but ___ C:call me Charles ___.

6. Hello, could I speak to Don please?-B Who’s speaking

1. Hello, may I talk to the headmaster now?-C sorry, he is busy at the moment _

6. —Hello, I’m Harry Potter.—Hello, my name is Charles Green, but ___C call me Charles ___.

29.Hurry up, the lecture begins at 2:00 (Don’t worry. we’ve got 20 minutes)

31.Hey, Barara.You look so pale (I’m iust getting over the flu)

32.How much is it altogether? (It’s free)

24.How’s the movie? Interesting? (Far from. I should have stayed home watching TV)

33.How long will you be away from Italy? (About a month)

34.How often do you have listening classes in a week? (Every Monday and Friday)

35.How was the iourney to London? (It went very well)

36.How are you this morning? (Very well, thank you)

2 How do you do? - ____ B:How do you do? _____

3How are you?__-Very well, thank you. And you?

How are you, Bob?—_ I’m fine. Thank you.___ Ted.

6. How long have your parents been in Paris?Well, they got there last Wednesday. So about a week.

7. How often do you go dancing?C. Every other day. ___________

9. How about going to dinner at the Mexican restaurant tonight?C. That’s great!

1.How often do you take the medicine?— __Every _four hours.

5. How did Tom learn Arabic?―_ By taking a course.____

8. How’s the movie? Interesting??—B Far from. I should have stayed home watching TV

7. —I was worried about my maths, but Mr. Brown gave me an A.-- Congratulations! That’s a difficult course.________

54.I have got a pain in my neck (I’m sorry to hear that)

44.I have an appointment with Dr.Johnson (Please wait for a minute.He is busy now)

45.I’ve got 2 tickets for the match,Shall we go and watch it together? (Why not?Let’s go)

40.I’ve ordered pizza and salad. What else do you want? (A beer is fine for me. I’m not hungry yet)

47.I haven’t seen Belly for 10 years. (Neither have I)

53.I’d like to know if everybody is here (Everyone except Tom)

5. I'd like to buy a TV of high quality.— _____ We have several models to be chosen _______.

8. I’m terribly sorry that I’ve spilled some coffee on the carpet.—_______ It doesn’t matter _____________

I’m sorry. I lost the key. . Well, it’s OK. _________

41.I’m sorry to be late. Thank you for waiting. (Oh. I don’t mind. I ‘ve been here 10 minutes)

42.I’m trying to call Marie, but there’s no answer. (Really? Maybe she’s out)

60.I’m sorry I’ve returned your book late (That’s all right)

43.I wonder of you could help me. (Of course)

59.I wonder if Tim could control the situation (Well , if he can’t control it no one can).

7. I think he is an honest man.———— Yes, so do I.

57.I think the internet is very helpful. (Yes, so do I)

58.I hope the weather will fine tomorrow (I hope so too)

37.I wish you success in your career. (The same to you)

1、I failed the maths exam again. -- _ B:What a pity!

38.I heard your motorcar was stolen. (Mine wasn’t but Bill’s was)

39.I’m sorry. Bob’s not in his office (Can you take a message for me)

3. It’s rather cold in here. Do you mind if I close the window? B. No, go ahead. _46.I don’t think I’m late Excuse me, what’s the time? (Itsays 8:00. But it’s 5 minutes slow)

48.I don’t like the sports porgrams on Sundays (Neither do I)

61.I really enjoy pop music, What’s your favorite? (Well, actually I like classical music)

55.I feel quite ill (You’d better have a rest)

52.Is my TV program disturbing you? (Yes, I’m trying to write my paper)

56.Is there anything I can do for you? (Yes, It’s very kind of you)

50.Is there anything serious,doctor? (No.Just atay in bed and drink more water)

5、Is it possible for you to work late tonight? - ___ I think so.___

12.Is this the motel you mentioned?—A Yes, it’s as quiet asweexpected?.

51.It is a great race! Do you agree? (Yes, it’s teally exciting)

3. It’s good to have seen you again. Bye!—— __ Good luck. _______.

3. It’s rather cold in here. Do you mind if I close the window? B. No, go ahead. _

49.In my opinion,you’d better take a couple of days off. (I’ll take your advice)

62.Linda, can you give me a lift after work? (No problem. We go the same direction)

63.Look,25% off.The $2,500 camera is on sale today. (Yeah, a surprising bargain. I’ll buy it)

64.Let me help you carry this. (That’s OK,I can manage)

t’s take a walk. -- C?.Yes,please11.

65.May I speak to Jack please? (I’m better turn it off)

66.May I know your address? (Sure. Here you are)

68.May I help you, madam? (Yes, I’d like 2 kilos of oranges)

69.My camera isn’t working properly. (Mabey there’s something wrong with it)

70.May Iuse your bike to go shopping? (Certainly)

7. --May I know your address?-- A Sure. Here you are

6. May I see your ticket, please?————Here it is. (Sure. )

4. My wallet was stolen.——— ___ That’s terrible _____

67.Mrs.Johnson, I’ve come to say good-bye. (That’s OK)

10. —Marilyn, I’m afraid I have to be leaving now.—__B_ Oh, so early? _

71.Northwestern Airlines. May I help you? (Yes, I’d like some information about morning …)

2、-Nice to meet you. -_ C:Nice to meet you, too.____

3.-Oh, sorry to bother you.-C. That’s okay

72.Oh, the box is too heavy. (Can I help you to carry it)

73.Please tell David not to drink too much (It’s time for lunch)

74.Please give me a hand ,won’t you? (No problem)

75.So sorry to trouble you. (It’s your fault)

76.Sam,this is my firend Jane (Glad to meet you, Jane)

4.Speaker A: I've got a fever and a really bad headache.Speaker B: Oh, that's too bad. Why don't you take some aspirin?_____

4. —Thank you for inviting me.___ C. Thank you for coming

1. That’s a beautiful dress you have on!—__A_ Oh, thanks. I got it yesterday. __

77.Thanks a lot. You’ve gone to so much trouble. (It’s no trouble at all)

10.Tom, I’ve got married.———— _ You got married! Congratulation, Bob. __________

1.Thanks for your help. —___A_ My pleasure.__

78.Would you like a tea? (Yes, please)

84.Would you like to order now? (Yes. I’d like a fish and a soup)

81.Would you like to see the menu? (No, thanks. I already know what to order)

13. -Would you like to have dinner with us this evening? -B.Sorry, but this evening I have to go to the airport to meet my parents?.

5. Would you mind if I open the window for a better view?- C Of course not

82.Will you go on a picnic with us tomorrow? (Sorry, I have an appointment with dr.Brown.)

94Will you have some dessert, Judy? (No, thank you. I’m on a diet)

90.Will you please turn down the TV? (Sorry. I haven’t realized you’re sleeping)

83.When does the next bus leave for Glasgow? (They leave every hour)

92.Where are you from? (Britain)

14.Well, Mary, how are you?-- C?. .I’mfine??

7. Why didn’t you come to my birthday party yesterday?—__D_ Sorry, but my wife had a car accident

91.Why not have a glass of beer? (That’s weather is very nice)

93.Why are you so late? (I came across an old friend)

97Wait here and I’ll get my car and go there together (Why bother? It’s within walking distance)

1. What would you like to drink?—— ___ I’ll have a Coke, please. ________.

79.What do you think of his suggestion? (It’s hard to say, actually)

98.What should we have for dinner? (How about fish? It’s very fresh)

2. What time did you get home yesterday?— ____nine o’clock ______the morning. . At, in

80.What time is the next flight to Washington? (It’s 1:45 pm)

85.What if my computer doesn’t work? (Ask Anne for help)

95What about another coffee? (No, thank you)

2. What kind of TV program do you like best?-- A It’s hard to say, actually

11What’s the problem, Harry?- A?. I can’t remember where I left my glasses?

96What’s the fare to the museum? (Five dollars)

86.What’s the date today? (The Second of July)

87.What’s the best way to get to the Empire Hotel from here? (Walking through the wood)

4. What is your father? _________He teaches physics in a school.

88.What was your journey like? (It was terribly interesting)

89.What’s the matter with you? (I feel a bit sick)

99.What’s the weather like in this area? (It’s rainy)

4 Who's speaking?- This is Tom C:speaking .

8. —What can I do for you?_ A. I want a kilo of pears

100.You may have seen this film (Actually,I haven’t)

101.Your scarf soft and warm, What’s it made of? (Wool)

1.You know, I have three kids now._ B. That’s terrific!__

1.Paul, __B_. who’s talking over there __?—Oh, that’s my father! And beside him, my mother.


2.All the team members tried their best,we lost the game,(however)

5. All the team members tried their best. We lost the game, C however .

3. Ancient Greece is the C origin???? of western civilization.

33.After _C_ checking? _ the shopping list, I found that I forgot to buy salt.?

34.Ann is studying __ B politics __ at university.?

35.After_ C winning? __the bid, major construction began in Beijing.?

36.A lecture hall is ____ C one ____ where students attend lectures.?

1.After stopping for a few minutes,the bus moved (on) to is~~

35. Although he did not know London well, he made his way __ easily enough ____ to the airport.

2.As the bus came round the corner, it ran __ into ____ a big tree by the roadside.

3.By next yeat,he (will have worked) in NewYork for five years

4.Boggis’little~~~herself the (twelve-year-old)girl

38. Both the kids and their parents __ are ____ English, I think. I know it from their accent.

37.Be sure to __ A bring ____ your wife when you come here this evening.?

14. Before I got to the cinema, the film_A had begun?

38.Before she left on the trip, she _ D had trained _ hard.?

an I get you a couple of tea??______A That’s very nice of you ___________

37. Did you notice the guy _____ whose _ head looked like a big potato?

5.Don’t worry,your watch(is being repaired) and you can~~

6.Do you think tommy is (telling)the truth

31. Do you know the man __ C. lying ____ under the apple tree?

7.Don’t forget to write to me,(will you)

8.Dr,hoffman proposed that we(put off) the meeting~next week.

40.Don’t worry. There is _ C enough _ room for all your books here.?

43.Everything __ D would have been destroyed __ if Albert hadn’t called the fire brigade.?

41. Every year thousands of lives __ are lost ____ in road accidents because of careless driving.

44. Eggs, though rich in nourishments, have __ a large amount ____ of fat.

9.Everything(would have been destroyed) if albert hadn’t~~

10.Edgar began(work)as an office boy years ago

40. John’s father __ has taught ____ mathematics in this school ever since he graduated from Harvard University.

11.Hardly (had I got )home when it began to rian

12.He has lived here for years(though)nobody knows what he is

13.Having heard so much about~~they were(eager)to meet and

14.He, a well as I,(is) astudent.

15.He spoke so quickly that I didn’t(make out ) what he said

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    <上页热点Q热点106 114下页下页社会娱乐体育军事汽车财经科技育儿历史美食数码时尚宠物收藏家居心理文化三农健康科学游戏动漫教育职场旅游电影国际 知识100106 114 52 107 115 55 120 57 100z48 100z100 100z106 100z114 100z52 100z107 100z115 100z55 100z120 100z57 106z48 106z100 106z106 106z114 106z52 106z107 106z115 106z55 106z120 106z57 114z48 114z100 114z106 114z114 114z52 114z107 114z115 114z55 114z120 114z57 52z48 52z100 52z106 52z114 52z52 52z107 52z115 52z55 52z120 52z57 107z48 107z100 107z106 107z114 107z52 107z107 107z115 107z55 107z120 107z57 115z48 115z100 115z106 115z114 115z52 115z107 115z115 115z55 115z120 115z57 55z48 55z100 55z106 55z114 55z52 55z107 55z115 55z55 55z120 55z57 120z48 120z100 120z106 120z114 120z52 120z107 120z115 120z55 120z120 120z57 57z48 57z100 57z106 57z114 57z52 57z107 57z115suiji 106 114 52 107 115 55 120 57 100g48 100g100 100g106 100g114 100g52 100g107 100g115 100g55 100g120 100g57 106g48 106g100 106g106 106g114 106g52 106g107 106g115 106g55 106g120 106g57 114g48 114g100 114g106 114g114 114g52 114g107 114g115 114g55 114g120 114g57 52g48 52g100 52g106 52g114 52g52 52g107 52g115 52g55 52g120 52g57 107g48 107g100 107g106 107g114 107g52 107g107 107g115 107g55 107g120 107g57 115g48 115g100 115g106 115g114 115g52 115g107 115g115 115g55 115g120 115g57 55g48 55g100 55g106 55g114 55g52 55g107 55g115 55g55 55g120 55g57 120g48 120g100 120g106 120g114 120g52 120g107 120g115 120g55 120g120 120g57 57g48 57g100 57g106 57g114 57g52 57g107 57g115 57g55 57g120 57g57 100g48g48 100g48g100... 1000000new106 new114 new52 new107 new115 new55 new120 new57 new100g48 new100g100 new100g106 new100g114 new100g52 new100g107 new100g115 new100g55 new100g120 new100g57 new106g48 new106g100 new106g106 new106g114 new106g52 new106g107 new106g115 new106g55 new106g120 new106g57 new114g48 new114g100 new114g106 new114g114 new114g52 new114g107 new114g115 new114g55 new114g120 new114g57 new52g48 new52g100 new52g106 new52g114 new52g52 new52g107 new52g115 new52g55 new52g120 new52g57 new107g48 new107g100 new107g106 new107g114 new107g52 new107g107 new107g115 new107g55 new107g120 new107g57 new115g48 new115g100 new115g106 new115g114 new115g52 new115g107 new115g115 new115g55 new115g120 new115g57 new55g48 new55g100 new55g106 new55g114 new55g52 new55g107 new55g115 new55g55 new55g120 new55g57 new120g48 new120g100 new120g106 new120g114 new120g52 new120g107 new120g115 new120g55 new120g120 new120g57 new57g48 new57g100 new57g106 new57g114 new57g52 new57g107 new57g115 new57g55 new57g120 new57g57 new100g48g48 new100g48g100 下页>... new100g48g48g48g48g48g48g48top106 top114 top52 top107 top115 top55 top120 top57 top100g48 top100g100 top100g106 top100g114 top100g52 top100g107 top100g115 top100g55 top100g120 top100g57 top106g48 top106g100 top106g106 top106g114 top106g52 top106g107 top106g115 top106g55 top106g120 top106g57 top114g48 top114g100 top114g106 top114g114 top114g52 top114g107 top114g115 top114g55 top114g120 top114g57 top52g48 top52g100 top52g106 top52g114 top52g52 top52g107 top52g115 top52g55 top52g120 top52g57 top107g48 top107g100 top107g106 top107g114 top107g52 top107g107 top107g115 top107g55 top107g120 top107g57 top115g48 top115g100 top115g106 top115g114 top115g52 top115g107 top115g115 top115g55 top115g120 top115g57 top55g48 top55g100 top55g106 top55g114 top55g52 top55g107 top55g115 top55g55 top55g120 top55g57 top120g48 top120g100 top120g106 top120g114 top120g52 top120g107 top120g115 top120g55 top120g120 top120g57 top57g48 top57g100 top57g106 top57g114 top57g52 top57g107 top57g115 top57g55 top57g120 top57g57 top100g48g48 top100g48g100幼儿教育小学教育初中教育高中教育高等教育教学研究外语学习资格考试/认证成人教育职业教育IT/计算机经管营销医药卫生自然科学农林牧渔人文社科工程科技PPT模板PPT制作技巧求职/职场计划/解决方案总结/汇报党团工作工作范文表格/模板法律文书饮食游戏体育/运动音乐旅游购物娱乐时尚美容化妆家具家电社会民生影视/动漫保健养生随笔摄影摄像幽默滑稽人文社科法律资料军事/政治广告/传媒设计/艺术教育学/心理学社会学文化/宗教哲学/历史文学研究经管营销人力资源管理财务管理生产/经营管理企业管理公共/行政管理销售/营销金融/投资经济/市场工程科技信息与通信电子/电路建筑/土木城乡/园林规划环境/食品科学电力/水利交通运输能源/化工机械/仪表冶金/矿山/地质纺织/轻工业材料科学兵器/核科学IT/计算机互联网电脑基础知识软件及应用硬件及网络自然科学数学物理化学生物学天文/地理医药卫生临床医学基础医学预防医学中医中药药学农林牧渔农学林学畜牧兽医水产渔业求职/职场简历封面/模板求职/面试职业规划自我管理与提升计划/解决方案学习计划工作计划解决方案商业计划营销/活动策划总结/汇报学习总结实习总结工作总结/汇报党团工作入党/转正申请思想汇报/心得体会党团建设工作范文制度/规范演讲/主持行政公文表格/模板合同协议书信模板 表格类模板饮食游戏体育/运动音乐旅游购物娱乐时尚美容化妆影视/动漫保健养生随笔幽默滑稽幼儿教育幼儿读物少儿英语唐诗宋词育儿理论经验育儿知识家庭教育小学教育小升初学科竞赛其它课程 初中教育中考科学学科竞赛其它课程高中教育学科竞赛其它课程职业教育中职中专职高对口职业技术培训 其他成人教育成人考试电大自考专升本远程、网络教育高等教育理学工学经济学管理学文学哲学历史学法学教育学农业医学军事艺术研究生入学考试院校资料其它