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小升初英语试2113题 60分钟100分听力部分5261一、Listen and match.听录音,连线。(10分)1. 4102 2. 3. 4. 5. running walking swinging drinking water sleepingclimbing swimming fighting flying Jumping6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 二、Listen and judge.听录音,判断正(√)误(×)。(10分)1.I can't see the elephants near the river.2.The two lions are eating a deer.3.The ducks are playing on the grass.4.The cats are good climbers.5.The monkey is hungry.It’s eating peaches.三、Listen and answer.听录音,回答问题。(10分)1.What's the weather like?2.Who goes to the park with Jim and David?3.What are the boys and girls doing?4.What do they see in the zoo?5.What are the monkeys doing? 笔试部分四、Read and find.找出与所给单词划线部分发音相同的一项。(10分)1.yes A.why B.yellow C.fly2.near A.pear B.bear C.ear3.skate A.cake B.cat C.hat4.home A.box B.fox C.nose5.climb A.kite B.milk C.swim五、Write the opposite words.反义词对对碰。(10分)1.mother_________ 2.boy_________ 3.hot_________4.big_________5.long_________6.black_________7.sunny_________8.man_________9.go_________ 10.young_________六、Read and judge.读一读,判断正“√”误“×”。(10分) Tom Dad Jane Mike Lily1.Mike is sleeping.2.Lily is watching TV.3.Dad is drawing pictures.4.Tom is flying a kite.5.Jane is cleaning the floor.七、Read and write.根据答句写问句。(10分)1. A:___________________________B:She's cleaning the study.2.A:___________________________ B:He's playing sports.3.A:___________________________ B:I'm doing homework.4.A:___________________________ B:They're doing housework.5.A:___________________________ B:It's drinking water.八、Put the words in order.连词成句。(10分)1.baby,the,is,kangaroo,cute,so(.)2.are,what,doing,they(?)3.eating,mother,is,monkey,the,bananas(.)4.you,any,see,do,animals(?)5.are,they,trees,climbing(.)九、Write.按要求转换句型。(10分)1.The birds fly.(改为现在进行时)2.Sarah is sweeping the floor.(对划线部分提问)3.Is the giraffe walking?(作肯定回答)4.They a re good at climbing.(改为一般疑问句)5.Can dogs swim?(作肯定回答)十、Read and answer.阅读短文,回答问题。(10分) Tom is a naughty(调皮的)boy.He often climbs the trees.One day when he goes out of his room, he looks up(抬头看)and sees some birds.They are singing in the tree.Tom Jikes birds.So he climbs up the tree to catch(捉)a bi rd.But his aunt sees him and orders(命令)him to come down(下来).1653Tom has to come down with no bi rd.He sits under the tree,dreaming(做梦,梦想)a bi rd comes into his hand.1.__________is a naughty boy.A.Tom B.Tim2.Tom often __________ .A.plays in the garden B.climbs the trees3.Tom climbs trees __________.A.for fun B.to catch birds4.__________ asks Tom to come down.A.Aunt B.Father5.Tom comes down with __________.A.one bird B.no bird小升初英语试题参考答案 听力材料一、l.Panda is sleeping.2.Lion is walking.3.Rabbit is running.4.Elephant is drinking water.5.Monkey is swinging.6.Cat is climbing.7.Tigers are fighting.8.Kangaroo is jumping.9.Bird is flying.10.Duck is swimming.二、l.I can see the elephants near the river.2.The two lions are eating a deer.3.The ducks are running.4.The cats are good climbers.5.The monkey is hungry.It’s eating bananas.三、 Every Saturday morning,Jim and David go to the park with their mother.It’s sunny today.There are many people in the park.Boys and girls are singing and dancing there.Jim and David want to have a look at the animals in the zoo.They like monkeys very much.When they come into the zoo,they see some monkeys are jumping,others are swinging.They have a good day every Saturday.二、l.× 2.√ 3.× 4.√ 5.×、三、1.It's sunny.2.Their mother.3.They are singing and dancing.4.Some monkeys.5.Some are jumping,others are swinging.四、l.B 2.C 3.A 4.C 5.A五、l.father 2.girl 3.cold 4.small 5.short 6.white 7.cloudy 8.woman 9.conic10.old六、l.× 2.√ 3.×4.√ 5.×七、1.What is she doing?2.What is he doing?3.What are you doing?4.What are they doing?5.What is it doing?八、l.The baby kangaroo is so cute.2.What are they doing?3.The mother monkey is eating bananas.4.Do you see any animals?5.They are climbing trees.九、l.The birds are flying.2.What is Sarah doing?3.Yes,it is.4.Are they good at climbing?5.Yes,they can.十、1.A 2.B 3.B 4.A 5.Bwww.07swz.com防采集请勿采集本网。

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深圳市小升初突击训练系列试卷一 一、选出下列画线部分读音与其他三个不同的单词,将其序号填入题前括号内。(5分) ( ) 1. A herB workerC doctorD sister ( ) 2. A nearB pearC yearD dear ( ) 3. A food B cook C room D school ( ) 4. A man


笔 试 部 分 一、根据要求写出下列单词 1.cola(复数) 2.dollar(复数) 3.want(三单) 4.come(现在分词) 5.Simon(所有格) 6.much(比较级) 7.waiter(对应词) 8.eat(过去式) 9.have(过去式) 10.hungry(反义词) 二、英汉互译下列短语 1两个汉堡 2三个

1. Peter is . He speaks .

2018小升初英语试卷及答案 一、单词辨音 找出每组单词中划线部分读音与其余三个不同的选项。(共6小题;每小题1分,满分6分)1. ( ) A. thirdB. circle     C. turnD. Saturday2. ( ) A. colour  B. pencilC. can

A. American, American B. America, English C. English, English

2. My cousin is a boy.

A. 16 years old B. 16-year-old C. 16-years-old

3. What you to do tomorrow?

A. do, go B. are, going C. did, go

4. Jack wants to write e-mail to his friend.

A. a B. an C. /

5. My birthday is March 18th.

A. on B. in C. at

6. I want to buy some presents my parents.

A. give B. to C. for

7. a lovely girl!

A. What B. How C. What’s

8. adults and children like the stories from Aesop’s Fables.

A. Both B. All C. Do

9. is a Western festival.

A. Mid-Autumn Festival B. Dragon Boat Festival C. Easter

10. Don’t the paper. I can make a plane with it.

A. give up B. throw away C. blow off


1. you (swept) the floor yesterday?

2. In the future, I (have) two children.

3. Sam is a basketball fan. He always (play) basketball after school.

4. An oil painting is usually (colour).

5. Our teacher always asks us to (did) more exercises.

6. Look at me and listen to me (careful).

7. Which (photo) do you like, the ones on the left or the ones on the right?

8. –Where is your brother, Lucy?

–He (make) a model in the bedroom.

9. This is Donny’s pen. Please give it to (he).

10. Do you see the sign? No (park).

11. This lunchbox isn’t (your).

12. Miss Chen is a new (waiter) in this restaurant.

13. After you finish (read) the book, you (learn) a lot from it.

14. I really like football. It is so (excited).

15. Bob is (young) than Fred.

16. Peter is good at (swim). He can swim (good).

17. –Who (write) this story? Anderson? –Yes. He was great.

18. It’s the (two) time for me to visit Shanghai.

19. All of them enjoy (eat) hamburgers.

20. I don’t want to go to sleep. I’d like (watch) TV.

21. Is there (some) special food in this restaurant?

22. I can’t find my umbrella. It (is) here ten minutes ago.

23. There (are) a computer and two fans in the room.

24. These blue pants are my (father).

25. The child (be) from Shandong.

26. Can you (sing) in English?

27. We are from different (country).


1. Whose puzzles are these? (改为单数句子)

2. She bought some milk this morning. (改为否定句)

3. Jim does morning exercises every morning. (改为一般疑问句)

4. He likes the yellow car. (对划线部分提问)

5. Farmer Hong got his crops in by hand in the past. (对划线部分提问)

6. It takes her two and a half hours to do the housework. (对划线部分提问)

7. I am twelve years old this year. (用four years ago代替划线部分)

8. What can I do for you? (改为同义句)


Tim is an American boy. He goes to school with Sam at 8 o’clock in the 1 . They are good friends. Tim’s mother buys him a new shirt. He likes the shirt very much. And he wears

2 every day.

One day, Tim and Sam are on the 3 to school. Sam asks , “Where is your shirt, Tim?” “Oh, it is 4 . I don’t want to wear it.”

“Why ? Your shirt is very 5 .” Sam asks.

Tim answers, “A button(纽扣) 6 my shirt is lost. I can’t 7 the same button as the others. So I don’t 8 that shirt any more.”

“Why not change all the buttons?” says Sam.

What a good idea! Tim does this and wears the shirt again.

( )1. A. morning B. afternoon C. evening D. noon

( )2. A. him B. it C. her D. them

( )3. A. time B. key C. picture D. way

编者小语:小升初的压力始2113终5261贯穿于六年级的学习生活,为了4102成功升学,准备好每一门科目的考验势在必行1653!以下巨人奥数网小升初频道为大家准备的2013小升初考试英语试题及参考答案(1),供大家学习,并祝各位同学在小升初考试中取得优异成绩!!!  一、下面每组单词中划线字母的读音有一个与其他二个不同,请将这单词的标号填入题前括号内。  1. A. take B. bad C. have 2. A. fish B. find C. give  3. A. me B. bed C. red 4. A. glue B. run C. us  5. A. night B. ghost C. daughter  二. 找出下列英文单词所对应的中文意思。  (1)underground A.电影院 (6)listen to the radioA 植物园  (2)light train station B.地铁(7)bad cold B 樱花  (3)movie theatre C 博物馆 (8)play chess C听广播  (4)museum D京剧 (9)botanical garden D 重感冒  (5)Peking opera E轻轨站 (10)cherry blossom E 下棋  三.单项选择  1. He asked me _____ I would like a cup of tea.  A. that B. what C. if  2. Be quiet! The babies ________.  A. sleep B. are sleeping C. slept  3. Do you know ______ this word?  A. what to spell B. how to spell C. to spell  4. The students couldn't help ______ when they heard the joke.  A. to laugh B. laugh C. laughing  5. —— What day is today? —— It's ______.  A. Monday B. a fine day C. September 1st  6. If I ____ you tomorrow, I will give you the receipt.  A. see B. will see C. am seeing  7. Is the cat ________ the door? No, it isn’t.It’s ________ the desk.  A. behind, under B. in, on C. under, at D. over, behind  8. I’v got a toothache. I’m going to the__________.  A. park B. dentist C. teacher  9 ——May I _______ your bike? ——Sorry.  A. ride B. reading C. read  10. ——Whose ruler is it? ——Maybe it’s _______.  A. Peter B. Peters C. Mary’s  11. I want to find a good book. I’m going tothe _______.  A. cinema B. library C. museum  12. ——_____ will you do? ——I’ll play football.  A. What B. When C. Where  13. —— I don't like milk. —— I don't, _________.  A. too B. neither C. either  14. I want to buy ________.  A. something eat B. something to eat C. anything to eat  15. —— I'm sorry I can't help you. —— ________.  A. Not at all. B. You are welcome. C. It doesn't matter.  16. Mrs. Sun is a friend of _______.  A. Mary's mother B. mother of Mary C. Mary 's mother's  17. There _____ two cups of tea on the table.  A. is B. are C. was  18. There are thirty pupils in our class. _____ of them are youngpioneers  A. Any B. Either C. All  19 —— There isn't _____ water here. Couldyou get _____ for me? —— All right.  A. some, any B. any, any C. any, some  20 —— You look so beautiful in this whiteskirt. —— __________.  A. That's all right B. Thank you. C. Not at all.  四、根据所提供的情景选择适当的句子。  1,你想知道对方姓名,应说_  A.My name is Han Mel. B. What's your name? C. Hello.  2.早上遇见 刘老师,应说_  A.Thank you,Mr. Li. B.How? C.Good morning,Mr. Liu.  3.别人向你打招呼 Hello!你应说_  A.What's your name? B.Hello! C.Thank you.  4.假如你叫林峰,当有人问你What's your name?时,你应回答_____.  A.I'm fine,too B.Nice to meet von C.My nameis Lin Feng.  5.见到客人站着,你应说,  A.Sit down.please. B.How are you? C.I'm fine,too.  6.下午与同学见面,你应说____  A.Good afternoon. B.What's your name? C.How are you  7.晚上分手时所用礼貌用语是:  A.Hi! B。Hello! C.Good night!  8.当经介绍后认识某人,你应该说:  A. Good morning B. Please sit down.  C. Thank you. D. Nice to meet you.  9.上课铃响了,教师走进教室,班长应该说:  A.Please come in. B.Good morning C.Stand up.  10.想知道对方的年龄,应怎样问?  A.How old are you? B.How are you? C.How do you do?  五、根据对话内容,从多个选项选出五个能填入空白处的最佳选项  A. I’ll go and get it at your home.  B. It’s a very bad line.  C. That would be fine.  D. I’ll arrive between two and three.  E. Tomorrow morning if possible.  A:Hello! 3769808.  B:Hello,Kate.I’d like to borrow your Chinesedictionary.I lost mine this afternoon.  A:Sorry! 1 .Could you speak a little clearly and slowly?  B:Yes.Could you lend me your Chinese dictionary? Mine is lost.  A:Sure! When do you want it?  B: 2 .  A:But it is Sunday tomorrow.I won’t go toschool.  B: 3 .  A:But I’ll go to Miss Wang’s home tomorrow.Could you come in the afternoon?  B:Certainly. 4 .  A: 5 .I’ll wait for you.  B:Thank you.Bye.  六、完形填空:阅读短文,并从四个选项中,选择正确的答案。  My father __ 1____ a good friend in the factory (工厂). He is sixty. He is an old man. All of the children like him. Wecall ____2___ Uncle Sam. He __3___ from England. He ___4___ in Sichuan. He can’t __5____ Chinese. We teach(教) him Chinese___6_he ___7_ us English. He ___8____ work __9_ Sundays. He __10___ makingthings. And he likes watching TV with his children at night.  1. A. have B. haves C. has D. is  2. A. he B. they C. him D. his  3. A. come B. comes C. goes D. to come  4. A. live B. living C. lives D. to live  5. A. speak B. tell C. say D. talk  6. A or B.but C.and D.until  7.A. teach B. teachs C.teaches D.teaching  8. A. do B. don’t C. does D. doesn’t  9.A.in B.on C.for D.of  10. A .likes B. like C. to like D. liking  七、阅读理解  George was a quiet, serious young man. He had been studying veryvery hard one year, and when he passed all his exams, his friend Jim went togive him his congratulations and then had an earnest talk with him.  “You've never been to a dance, George, ” hesaid. “It's boring always studying and never enjoyingoneself. Come out with me this evening.”  “Maybe you're right, Jim,” replied Georgeafter a moment's hesitation.  So they went to a dance and had a very good time. But George drankmore than he was used to, and by midnight Jim had become worried about him, sohe said, “ now we'll walk home in the cool air.”  On their way home, they came to a bridge, and George looked down atthe river below very carefully, the stars were reflected in its surface.  “What are those lights down there?” Georgeasked.  “They're the stars, George,” Jim answered.  “The stars?” George said. “Well, then, they should be above in the sky. How did I get so highup here? They are now at my foot!”  1. According to the passage, when did Jim go to see George?  A. After George had passed all his exams.  B. Before George had taken the exam.  C. After they had an earnest talk.  2. Which is true according to George?  A. It's good always studying without enjoying oneself.  B. It's good always enjoying oneself without studying.  C. It's good to study hard and enjoy oneself in a while.  3. What did George ask Jim to do that evening?  A. To have a good rest at home.  B. To work hard as ever. C. To go out with him.  4 What did they talk about on the way home?  A. Bridge. B. Water C. Stars.  5. Why did George say the stars are then at his foot?  A. Because he and his friend were high in the sky.  B. Because he was looking down at the reflections of the star on thesurface of the water.  C. Because he was very happy to have passed the exam.  八、英文数学题  If half of a number is 30, then three-quarters of that numberis____.  2012小升初英语模拟试题答案(1)  一、(1)A (2) B (3) A (4) A (5)B  二、(1)B (2)E (3)A (4)C (5)D (6)C (7)D (8)E (9)A (10)B  三、(1)C (2)B (3)B (4)C (5)A (6)A (7)A (8)B (9)A (10)C (11)B (12)A  (13) C (14)B (15)C (16)C (17)B (18)C (19)C (20)B  四、(1)B (2)C (3)B (4)C (5)A (6)A (7)C (8)D (9)C (10)A  五、(1)B (2)E (3)A (4)D (5)C  六、(1)C (2)C (3)B (4)C (5)A (6)C (7)C (8)D (9)B (10)A  七、(1)A (2)C (3)C (4)C (5)B  八、45本回答被网友采纳,小升初的英语试卷及答案~,苏州树人英语网,小升初的英语试卷及答案~内容来自www.07swz.com请勿采集。

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